Everything You Need to Know About Surge Radio

Surge is the award-winning student radio station of the University of Southampton. We broadcast once a year across the whole university, and a large part of Southampton, on 87.7FM and online for the rest of the year.

Surge used to broadcast as Radio Glen and has been in existence for 29 years. The change of station name to SURGE was due to us taking on annual FM RSLs in association with the Students' Union. More recently we have lost the acronym ('Southampton University Radio from Glen Eyre') and simply refer to ourselves as Southampton University Radio Station, although we have retained the Surge callsign and branding.

At Surge we have a policy of total inclusion. No matter what sort of specialist music you want to play your more that welcome to undertake the basic training and have a slot on our schedule. If you're not too keen on presenting on-air, that's fine, as we have a massive range of other jobs on our various teams such as the news team and the music team. You can find contact email addresses for all committee members (heads of departments) on the committee page and they should all be able to explain how you can become involved in their areas.

The content of our shows is very important, we need our DJs to provide informative banter that the listeners will enjoy whether it's specialist content, or general entertainment. All of our content adheres to the Office of Communications guidelines which can be found on their site and during your training you will be given full instruction on them. We currently have a wide variety of shows ranging from talk and debate shows to specialist dance shows, and you have quite a lot of scope depending on where your interests lie. We can also air pre-recorded shows and we currently have a range of comedy sketch shows and radio plays in production.

The Committee

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Station Manager
Toby Leveson
Assistant Station Manager
Georgia Rytina
Programme Controller
Polly Marquis
Technical Manager
Patrik Toobe
Head of Music
Xavier Voigt-Hill
Head of News
Katie Duke
Head of Station Sound
Andre Tan-Mulligan
Head of Events
Benjamin Franklin
Head of Features
Hassan Bashir
Head of Speech
C├ęcile Howard
Head of Sport
Harrison Moore
Head of Design
Brandon Mulliner
Head of Marketing and Social Media
Ashley Marshall
Systems Manager
Devashish Dixit
VP Democracy and Creative Industries
Cameron Meldrum