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Join me, Louis Jeffries, your very own radio Time Lord, for 'A Surge Through Time'- a weekly roller-coaster trip through the musical vortex, playing songs all the way from the 1950s to the modern day! Want variety? In the words of Roy Orbison- 'You got it'! Experience the birth and heyday of Rock and Roll in the 1950s, moving to the progressive, mellow and soulful 'sounds of the 60s'. Hear the origins of hard rock and the 'rise of disco' in the 1970s, be present for the genesis of 1980s electronica and techno, chill in 'Cool Britannia' with the 1990s 'Britpop' movement, and piece together the story of music since 2000 that is still being written today! Got a favourite verse? Let me know! You're guaranteed to find a sound that's new, inspiring, and even a little bit weird every week, all of which mixed in with the songs you love today and quite possibly grew up with; so tune in as we do the time warp again!
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Saturday 25th 8pm
We just want to sit in a booth and play beautiful music at you until you cry.
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